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The Guild Leader is essentially the "Guiding Light" of Oi. Their job is to be the final responsibility to making sure things get done.

  • The current alliance Guild Leader is Matvi
  • The current horde Guild Leader is Bedevere


  • It is recommended the Guild Leader post occasional "State of Oi" messages
  • The Guild leader is elected by General Election every 12 months.
  • The Guild leader has the authority to task officers
  • The Guild leader is the point of contact for any inter-guild activities
  • The Guild leader has the same voting power as other officers.
  • The Guild leader must remain active on the forums and in the game.

Specific Duties Edit

  • Perform Monthly Guild Roster Cleanup – 2 months or older, remove from guild.
  • Officer Promotion – Only the guild can elevate a guild member to officer status.
  • Review pertinent discussion thread(s) and put talk into action.
  • Delegate work, responsibilities, duties to officers and other guild members.
  • Provide corrective action and counseling to any guild member stepping over the lines of general guild rules and etiquette.


  • Collaborate with the officer core and guild members. Do not boss folks around.
  • Demonstrate through example, appropriate OI behavior on the boards and in the game
  • Work with OI Guild founders when critical decision could affect the entire Guild and not just the OI Wow chapter

Becoming Guild leader Edit

  • To be on the vote one must be nominated by a full member and seconded by 2 others.
  • Once you have shown support for a candidate or are a candidate yourself, you cannot endorse another candidate.
  • The election is held in a forum vote - Majority wins

For more information on general officer duties see Wow Officers

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