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Spell RotationEdit

Raid BossEdit

On any boss after stacking 5 scorchs:

Firball-Fireball-Fireball-Fireball-Fireball-Fireball-Fireblast-Scorch and Reapat

High Hit Point TargetsEdit

Horses in Kara, The bigger trash mobs in 5 Mana.

5 Scorches

Firball-Fireball-Fireball-Fireball-Fireball-Fireball-Fireblast-Scorch and Reapat

Regular TrashEdit

After 1500 Threat from Tank

Scorch and then Firball away. Once mob hits around 15% of life hit it with a fireblast.

More on this: Scorch Increase your DPS by 13 for each application. So single scorch well tank is getting aggro will help out your over all DPS by a lot. On avg my non cirt fireballs would go up 48 dmg per hit.

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